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Drugs are part of everyday life for many people and exposure becomes inevitable. However, it is important to be informed and resistant to the social  pressures that lead to drug abuse. Commonly many people start with "gateway" drugs like "dagga" (cannabis or weed)

As mentioned these "gateway" drugs lead on to experimenting with more serious drugs.  Typically this is a substance such as crystal meth (In our context locally we call it "Tik")

"The Tik Drug (crystal meth) has become a buzzword in drug circles and has become increasingly popular amongst school children and the gang culture because of the ease with which street pharmacists make the drug, which causes a high rate Tik Addiction. The Tik Drug has recently sparked a huge response from health authorities because of the devastating Effects of Tik upon its victims." 1

In this course we will explore the dangers of drugs and especially gateway drugs.

1:   (https://www.bethesda4recovery.com/tik-drug)