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Starlight Princess

Grade 10 English HL

Holy Cross High School


The Mark

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Essay Writing

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Much a do about nothing

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Ms Classen


Language 10C

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Mr Ackerman


Language 10F

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Full content of the book : The Mark - link to PDF book (can be downloaded to your device)Poetry: The Caged Bird by Maya Angelou Poem and Contextual QuestionsThe Mark: Chapter 7-11Much Ado About NothingLanguage: Grade 10 Week 1 and 2 of Term 2 Language Learning
The Mark: Chapter 12 - 14The Mark: Answers Chapter 12-14Poetry: On Communication by Jimmy TimmonsThe Mark: Questions for Chapters 7-11The Mark: Answers Chapters 7-11
Much Ado About NothingPoetry: The Caged Bird by Maya Angelou Poem and Contextual QuestionsThe Mark: Questions: Chapter 18-21The Mark: Answers: Chapter's 18-21Much Ado About Nothing: Simile Chart Exercise

Much Ado About Nothing: Film to Text Comparison ExerciseMuch Ado About Nothing: Much Ado About Nothing 2013 FilmInteractive English Week 9Argumentative Essay WritingDescriptive Essay Writing

Discursive Essay WritingNarrative Essay WritingTransactional Writing
Grade 10 English HL Essay Writing Term 2 2020Essay assessment rubricThe Caged BirdThe Mark

Chapters 7-11
Much Ado About Nothing
Grade 10 Week 1 and 2 of Term 2 Language LearningGrade 10 Weeks 13 to16 Language LearningGrade 10 Weeks 17&18 Language LearningCartoon Analysis 1 of 2Cartoon Analysis 1 of 2
Revision of Comprehension and Visual AnalysisGrade 10 Language Learning Week 7 Dynamic English
Revision of Language, Comprehension and Summary Skills
Parts of Speech Language Learning Part 1 of 1Parts of Speech Part 1 of 2Diagnostic Test via Google Forms
Parts of Speech 2 of 2SummariesThe Effects of Social Media on Teens Mental HealthThe Power of Hope and Recognising when it's HopelessLetter Writing

Writing Obituaries Week 13Week 14 Effective Language Usage- Learning and Understanding Language Expectations for ExaminationsArgumentative Essay WritingDescriptive Essay WritingDiscursive Essay Writing
Narrative Essay WritingHow To Write Your Best Curriculum Vitae
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