Lent 2020 Preparing

As discussed at our assembly this morning, I will be posting readings and devotions here. I will do so every day. If any learner wishes to contribute or has a special request, please add it as a comment which I will review. This week we will start Lent with Ash Wednesday on 26 February. Fr Zane will be celebrating mass with the whole school in the school hall.

The image directly above is sourced from this site:
The site is for the Church of the Exultation of the Hoy Cross.

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

All over the World many Christians will participate in Lent. This church community is Illinois, USA. It may be a good idea to go to their site and maybe find inspiration for your own lenten journey.

Looking forward to a fulfilling Lent


Stop violence against women. We wear these ragged bands in solidarity with all who oppose the senseless violence. The bands are not pretty pieces of cloth, rtather they symbolize how “unpretty” violence is.

The Kindess Continues from Tulbagh

As chance would have it we met Andrew Jaeger at a local restaurant in Tulbagh. Mr Jaeger is involved with the Rotary E-Club of the Greater Cape Town. He heard about our charity drive at the childrens home in Tulbagh. He kindly offered to donate bicycles to a worthy cause, should we have one in mind. Well we did. We then got hold of the principal of St Augustine’s in Parow Valley who was overjoyed at the prospect of receiving the bicycles for the school. So on Tuesday 6 August we visited St Augustine’s. A huge thanks  goes out to the Rotary E-Club of the Greater Cape Town.

A cell phone “licence”

I am gathering information through a survey to get an opinion of the use of cell phones during school hours.  Negative factors are theft, cyber bullying, possible access to harmful content. These three item broadly categorize the areas of concern we have had in our experience.  On the other hand cell phones are a part of the fabric of our society now and there are many positive reasons to use them. Some staff already have Whats app discussion groups involving their students. There is also a huge wealth of electronic content that is relevant to many subjects. Integrating with online learning experiences like Google classroom or Moodle is also possible on a cell phone. Often many learners cannot afford a fancy tablet or Lap top pc, but many learners have smart phones which are capable of allowing access to e-learning platforms.
So I would like to know what the reaction would be i I recommended that once a term everyone buys a cell phone licence. This will include the data that is used (actually data is the main reason since we will have expand not only volume but also access and coverage) By signing an agreement such as the licence the learner will then agree to the rules and conditions associated with cell phone use at school. Where a learner does break the rules the licence will be revoked and the phone listed on our server as being banned (if it is not already confiscated) The learner may then re-apply for the licence in the next term.

What do you think ?      Follow this link to a Google Forms survey (PS you can use your phone to answer the survey – just not at school yet)

Anne Anikamadu 9F

Anne Anikamadu 9 F came out first at the essay writing competition ran by SHAWCO. The essay was brilliant and had a chance to meet Professor Mamokgethi Phakhen the vice chancelor of the University of Cape Town on Thursday 13 September 2018.She is going to be a SHAWCO student supported by the University of Cape Town.
She has put a lot of effort and dedication to achieve this goal and we congratulate her for that. Everyday spent studying paid off, thanks for winning the essay competition.

Thanks to Mrs Agnes Makore, our dedicated History teacher, for encouraging our learners in these pursuits.

Well done Anne.

Feast Day 2018

Feast Day 2018
Blessings to everyone.

Sushi Raffle

 This is Sushi

Girls, please remember to sell your Sushi raffles. If a learner from the school wins. I will take her and the lucky friend to the Sushi Restaurant and back during school time ! Whoohoo