Week 4 of Term 4

Dear parents and learners. Due to external factors we have to submit our results to the WCED officials between 30 November and 3 December. This has resulted in our school treating the upcoming week as a test week. Official school hours will be between 08:00 and 12:00 daily. Learners who need to stay later may do so since we can’t have learners congregating outside the gate until later times. We just ask that parents notify the school in advance so we can allocate staff for supervised study.
We hope to close the school year by 6 December for all learners from Grade 8 to 11, We wil keep parents informed in this regard.
Please note the school will function for grade 12 exams until 15 December.

Please see the week 4 assessment roster here.

Term 4 start

A warm welcome to everyone for term 4. We will still be implementing the alternating school attendance system at school. Please note that we have started now with week 1 term 4. We also encourage all learners to attend school physically. In extreme cases we will consider learners staying home and being assessed. This has to be with special permission though.

Dismissal time for Monday 19 October

Please note that Grade 9 and Grade 11 will be dismissed at 12pm on Monday 19 October 2020 due to exam preparations for the NSC examinations.

Grade 12 Final Exam

All matrics and parents of grade 12 learners you can find the final grade 12 NSC exam timetable here. It will also be available on the grade 12 online school page in the timetables section.

NSC timetable

Kind regards

Mr Fouché

Viva Fibre

Finally we have joined the Fibre Internet Community. Thanks to Octotel and Cool ideas we have a blistering fast line at school now. This will benefit all the learners without the naging buffering we have been experiencing of late. Our ISP is Cool Ideas and they are also the sponsor of our Fibre Internet Connectivity.

TUCK SHOP is Back !!!

The school will be operating a Tuck Shop on a limited basis. To ensure we conform to the requirements of the COVID-19 Pandemic all items will have to be ordered in advance. Any orders will have to be placed before 10:00 am. Payment can be made via the school fee payment window to Ms. Aufray. Please try to bring the correct change so that as little handling of cash takes place.

The menu is as follows:

Sandwiches (White or Brown bread) 
Cheese and salad                                                                                                         R23.00
Pastrami with mayo and salad                                                                                  R30.00
Smoked chicken and salad                                                                                         R30.00
Egg and mayo                                                                                                               R21.00
Tuna and mayo                                                                                                             R32.00
Toasted Sandwiches 
Cheese tomato and onion                                                                                          R25.00
Cheese and pressed beef                                                                                            R30.00
Egg and pressed beef                                                                                                   R30.00
Egg and mayo                                                                                                                R22.00
Masala braised steak                                                                                                   R40.00
Chicken and mayo                                                                                                        R40.00
Tuna and mayo                                                                                                             R33.00
CHIP RollR23.00
Hot dog (single with salad)                                                                                         R35.00
Hot dog (double with salad)                                                                                       R40.00
Russian (single with salad)                                                                                          R40.00
Boerewors Roll with fried Onions chipsR40.00
Vienna chips parcels 
3 Viennas with medium chips                                                                                    R45.00
7 Viennas with large chips                                                                                          R70.00
Russians with medium chips                                                                                   R50.00
Russians with large chips                                                                                         R70.00
Polony – full                                                                                                                  R65.00
Polony – half                                                                                                                 R40.00
Vienna – full                                                                                                                  R75.00
Vienna – half                                                                                                                 R50.00
2 MINCE JAFFLE (with chips and salad)                                                                    R45.00
Coke/Fanta (cans) R12.00
Coke Zero (bottle)  R10.00
Biscuits (Toppers minipack)   R6.50
Cheese Twirls  R5.00
Cheesenaks  R3.50
Sweet Chilli NikNaks  R2.00
Spicy Chicken Nik Naks   R2.00
Beef BBQ Nik Naks   R2.00
Lunch Bar (mini)  R5.00
Bar One (mini)  R5.00
Kit Kat (mini)   R5.00
PS Bar(mini)   R5.00
TEX Bar (mini)  R5.00
Pin pops   R3.00
Monsta pops   R3.00

September 2020 – Curriculum Changes grade 10 and 11

Dear parents and learners.

As you may have heard in the media there have been some changes to the curriculum due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. In this regard please note the following:
The weighting for the exams been reduced from 75% to 40%, while the weighting for the school-based assessment (SBA) has been increased from 25% to 60%.
The implication of this is that learners who have not handed in assignments need to do so urgently since they carry so much more weight (part of the SBA)

See the official Circular here:

Holy Cross Feast Day 14 September 2020

We wish all friends of Holy Cross and especially the Sisters of the Holy Cross a blessed Feast day.

Early Closing on Monday 14 September and Tuesday 15 September.

Please note that the school will close earlier on Monday and Tuesday. This is to accommodate our annual feast day where we acknowledge the contribution of the Holy Cross Sisters of Southern Africa.
Learners please note there will be school despite the programme of celebration. Grade 12s writing exams will not be in any way inhibited. Furthermore, please be aware that strict adherence to COVID 19 regulations will be in place.

Back to school for term 3

Welcome back to term 3.

I trust the learners took  a bit of a break. The teachers really needed one since they work at school and then again at home to contain our academic integrity for 2020. As you may have heard there have been changes announced by the Department of Basic Education.

Chief among these is the assessment for this year. We have received the latest assessment requirements and as of Monday they will be part of the weekly planning we send to learners. In this way each subject will be able to prepare learners accordingly and learners will know when and what exactly they need to prepare for.
In this regard in grade 8 and 9 we needed to trim Technology and Creative Arts from formally assessed subjects. We will place greater emphasis on the remaining subjects. In all cases grade 9s will sill have some basic exposure to the variety of subjects that will be offered in FET next year.

Note Grade 8 and 9 will also return as of next week (17 August 2020)
Grade 8 will be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the Friday of every equal numbered week (eg weeks 2, 4, 6 etc)
Grade 9 will be taught on Mondays and Wednesdays and the Friday of every odd Numbered week (eg weeks 1,3,5,7 etc.)
This week is week 1 of Term 3 (as indicated in the attach planning documents per grade)

Term calendars are also on each grades; planning document and reflect the DBE calendar. As an independent school we have the flexibility to function somewhat outside these dates and will inform parents as we go along.


I understand many of you have anxieties around schooling  as we go into the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic.  If you keep your daughter at home please complete the google form I attach here below. Please note the form has been sent to all learners who are in WhatsApp contact with the school. Even though the form may also be on your daughters phone it is important that you as parent are aware of the days she does not attend school when she is supposed to.

https://forms.gle/sBz6Eqxt3nE16XVU8 – Link to form.