An example from the top

Sometimes we are very quick to criticize. However in the following Picture is a stunning example for all of us.

Sr Bernadette’s message

Hi everyone use this little clip from Sr Bernadette to lift your spirits in this difficult time. A heartfelt thanks and best wishes to Sr B.

Fundraising At Holy Cross High

14, February 2020. A day filled with fun, civvies and a lot of activity had Holy Cross buzzing with excitement. With the learners presented with the opportunity to raise funds for a good cause, fun was had on all fronts.

HCHS Environmental club

Our motto

‘We clean, we save, we live’ with this as our motto we hope that we are able to improve our beautiful school environment.

Our visions and plans.

Vision: is to create a cleaner, eco-friendly environment within our school, Holy Cross High.

We are working at creating an awareness which highlights the importance of keeping our environment clean.


1)We plan to create awareness of who we are by designing environmentfriendly poster explaining who we are and clearly defining our goals andobjectives. 

2) We have started an eco gardwen specifically for indigenous and “water-wise” pants.

Our current eco-garden design. The Brown patch on right is our veggie patch

3) We hae started a veggie garden to encourage others to do similalrly and thus reduce our carbon footprint


We are currently investigating and looking at various institutions who would be willing to partner with our club and be part of the change that we aim to achieve.  


As a club we have managed to start a paper collection drive. This drive is aimed at helping the Environmental Club generate finances which are earmarked to aid projects for the upcoming year.

Through much determination and hard work we have managed to secure recycle bin. The recycle bin will be placed strategically around the school. As a club we believe that these recycle bins could serve as a tool to help protect our environment as we grow together as a schooling community. 

2019 – Sharpen your axe

Ecclesiastes 10:10
If the axe is dull, and one does not sharpen its edge, then one must exert more strength;however, the advantage of wisdom is that it brings success.

School Mass in the hall a great success


The mass in the  hall on 25 July was a great success. Fr Justin really brought a modern reality to the concept of self sacrifice on the feast of St James. The girls all participated and a special mention  to Felly Bakamubia who answerred well when Fr. questioned.
We really hope to see Fr Justin again soon.

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Day to day issues: Wednesday 18 July


Educator Unavailable Mr M Fouché Mrs P Ndiki Mrs K Pasquallie
Period 1: 08:-09:15 Ms. G Bugan Mrs M Arendse
Period 2: 09:15-10:15 Ms. G Bugan Sr Flora
BREAK :10:15-1035
Period 3: 10:35-11:35 Ms. G Bugan Sr Flora
Period 4: 11:35-12:35 Mrs A Andreas
BREAK 12:35-13:00
Period 5: 13:00-14:00 Mr K Claasen Ms. C Classen
Period 6: 14:00-15:00 Mrs A Makore