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Table Mountain Trip

On October 29th 2021 the Tourism and Geography learners were afforded the opportunity to travel up Table Mountain for their offering of a Class in the Clouds. The offering was brought to Sister Flora’s attention and a plan was made to turn this venture into an outing for the grade 11 group of 2021.

With the arrival of COVID-19 the grade 11 group has not been afforded an opportunity to be taken on an outing since 2020.

We left early on Friday morning, stopping off for eats and treats before heading off on our journey to the Class in the Clouds as offered by Table Mountain. Upon arrival, the grade 11s were in awe of what they witnessed, even though it was overcast and cool. The blessing of a cool day allowed us to traverse the mountain with ease and undisturbed.

Sister Flora, Mr Ackerman and Mr Fouché accompanied the grade 11s on their journey and were afforded the opportunity to take in the beauty and peace of the sights from atop the mountain.

The grade 11 group were very well behaved and interacted with the tour guide, while proving their dedication to the Holy Cross name by showcasing the virtues and values of our kindness and courtesy campaigns, which was accompanied by a compliment and a request for the name of the school where these well mannered and disciplined learners attended.

We are proud of the grade 11 group as a whole, especially with the way in which they conducted themselves and by showcasing their ability to dedicate themselves to the task at hand- managing a healthy balance between academics and adventure.

We would like to thank the tour guide who assisted us while traversing Table Mountain as well as the staff and for those who assisted us with the Class in the Clouds as offered by Table Mountain.

Through this outing, we learnt, we loved and we grew- for these values we will always be grateful.

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