A little Ethos for our journey

In a fashion that is truly Holy Cross, celebrating events involving our ethos is the core of who we are.

With the advent of COVID-19, celebrating numerous special and sacred days has taken on a new meaning, especially with a turn towards following the correct COVID-19 protocols.

Much of what we face has placed us in a difficult space within which to operate as we normally would, however it has not stopped us from applying protocol and celebrating days of faith and those aspects that make us who we are.

We started the year on a different foot, mostly due to the betterment of protocol and tightening of regulations as we began with the second wave in South Africa.

As we approached the start of what would become an extremely sacred period of time within our faith, we thought COVID-19 would hamper our efforts.

However, it cannot be said that Holy Cross would back down from an opportunity to be inventive with celebrations.

Working alongside our liturgical calendar, we have celebrated Ash Wednesday in a socially distanced fashion. A broadcast of the day’s events was put in place all of which was followed by a COVID-19 regulated blessing of the ashes in a socially distanced, yet a heart-warming fashion. In the end we succeeded and this Ash Wednesday took on a new meaning for a day that represents much within our community.

After Ash Wednesday we followed our liturgical calendar towards Palm Sunday which was celebrated in a similar fashion to Ash Wednesday, but tied in with a sanatised handing over of the palm fronds and the tie in with the year 2021 as being key to our celebration.

Following a short break for the Easter period, we returned to school with a renewed sense of passion. Much of which was followed by the celebration of Easter itself, and once more in a COVID regulated manner we shared in the true meaning behind Easter and also in the gift of sharing Easter eggs.

The Easter paraliturgy lead to a greater need for acknowledging the great suffering we see not only within our own community, but also in the communities around us. Out of this suffering an initiative to give back to those who have little or nothing due to the effects of COVID-19. As a school the ‘Loaves of Love’ was initiated to support a well-known NGO ‘Ladles of Love’ which aims to feed the hungry in Cape Town. Much of our Easter paraliturgy focused on urging our learners to bring loaves of bread on a weekly basis which turned into an effort to further our students love for Christ by following a Christlike example of giving to those who have little to nothing to sustain them, without the expectation of anything being offered in return.

We also observed Ascension Day and Pentecost in accordance with our liturgical calendar and once again a COVID-19 regulated measure was put in place to ensure that rules are adhered to and that all of that which is conducted is done so to ensure our learners and staffs safety at all times.

With the majority of our spiritual and faith related celebrations taking place between May and April, we have shared much in terms of an amended day of celebration. Through following issued protocol and given expectations of safety and social distancing we managed to celebrate a number of our most sacred days within the liturgical year under the guise of a distanced and santised approach.

Holy Cross has indeed ventured into new territory within celebrating the liturgical year, all of which is guided by reinvention and a sense ingenuity.

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