Holy Cross: A Journey 2020-2021

Since the advent of Covid-19 in 2020, Holy Cross has come a long way and much has been achieved.

Two years into what has become the largest pandemic to ravage the world and continues to bring about great anxiety and stress to all, across many spheres and disciplines around the world. We are still thriving.

As an educational institution 2020 began as many before it. Following a standard protocol for teaching and completing tasks to ensure that our academic year was upheld, all while ensuring that we provide the best for our learners.

Processes and procedures that were followed and implemented for many years, had worked well and had proven to be successful. All until the start of March 2020. The world was turned on its head and all went dark. The world came to a stand still as a new virus spread across the globe and created pandemonium.

After three months of uncertainty, a new plan was devised to salvage the academic year and to return to a new state of what would be known as the “new normal”. And from within this approach there was a greater need for the advancement of the classroom model within our institution, all coupled with our approach to education as a whole.

With the need for social distancing and adherence to Covid-19 protocols as issued by the World Health Organisation, a greater need for a digitised classroom came to the fore.

As an organisation Holy Cross took on the task of digitising the classroom. We turned to a digital model for learning and turning the standard classroom into the classroom of the future.

Our journey took the form of schooling taking place via online platforms during the months of April to July, where we aimed to assist all our learners via WhatsApp and our own online school, in an endeavour to secure their futures. And as schools began to reopen our learners were afforded the opportunity to continue to learn whilst at home during the period of phasing back each grade and phase.

Upon our return in July, our learners were truly afforded the opportunity to take on most of the second quarter of the 2020 academic year in a digital fashion.

In an attempt to reshape and model our schooling approach, we began to integrate technology into the classroom.

With equipping classrooms with digital facilities as needed and thereby adapting our overall model, there had been a greater sense of movement in the form of paper to digital works.

There was a great platform to create a classroom in which all learners are afforded access to varying social media and learning platforms ranging from Google Classroom to WhatsApp, as well as our webpage that was funded and zero-rated in an effort to accommodate our learners, and all who chose to freely access our webpage during this time.

The upskilling of educators became key in developing a truly futuristic classroom and what would become the classroom of the 22nd Century.

Since the start of 2020 where many hiccups and trials were met with fierce competition, an even greater reward emerged, namely that of schooling where all our learners and those outside of the school are catered for and are afforded additional expertise that would greatly enrich their learning.

Holy Cross High School has truly blossomed during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And as we face greater odds, we will continue to enhance our methods and models, as to prepare for whatever may come next.

We are truly blessed to be able to fulfil our role as an educational institution on the forefront of a technological revolution within the education sector.

We will continue to aim higher and to strive for a greater digital tomorrow.

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