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Entry and Egress

Due to learners bunching at the front gate when they leave, the School Management Team has decided on a new strategy. This is to ensure safe social distancing and maintain COVID 19 protocols when learners leave school.
So, starting 3 March learners will enter the school at the regular gates that they use when arriving at school. However, in the afternoons all learners will leave via the back gate. Educators will be on duty and learners who are still waiting after 15 minutes will be taken a waiting room. From here learners can see the back gate through the windows and are safely supervised. (See image attached)

The following rules will apply:

1) Private vehicles may enter the premises and learners can then enter the vehicles on the property.
2) Taxis are to park outside the school as close to the gate as they wish, but not blocking the
3) Learners who walk home must leave immediately and may not wait with their friends until their
transport has left.

We are also experiencing the following problems:
1) Girls removing their masks when they are not eating or drinking
2) Girls sharing a water bottle or cooldrink.
3) Girls congregating in small clusters when educators are out of site.
4) Girls gathering in the cloak rooms in small groups.

Out of concern for the safety of all learners it may become necessary to start separating and suspending girls pending a discussion with their parents. COVID 19 is still a very serious threat and though the country has moved to level one, protocols around learner and educator safety have stayed the same.

Please take to heart these concerns and contact the school should you wish to communicate with us in this or any regard.

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