A fond Farewell and Godspeed

We wish Mr Mutandwa a all the best as he leaves us to take on new challenges and develop further as a truly remarkable Mathematics teacher. With his arrival at our school we were able to steepen the incline of our Maths improvement significantly. A true gentleman and teacher Mr Mutandwa was certainly a role model and on the SMT he leaves a space that will be difficult to fill.
We are also grateful that during the transition period he was more than willing to assist online with our Maths classes and has spent significant time preparing and inducting his replacement (Mr Kawadza – who takes over as of 1 March) Mr Mutandwa the Holy Cross High family misses you already and we are excited about the opportunities you are exploring.

May God always be present in your journey as he so clearly was when you were with us.

One thought on “A fond Farewell and Godspeed

  • February 21, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    Thank you Michael for who you are. We worked together at so many levels and it was always a pleasure to work with you.
    May the Good Lord bless your endeavors.
    I will call on you many times dear so you will be part of the Holy Cosss Family remotely.


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