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Arrangements for Monday 15 February

Dear Parents

As you are all aware, we start with school on Monday. Some of our grades have been working closely with their teachers online and via WhatsApp. Now, however they can interact face to face. We are carrying on academically on Monday and won’t allow late registrations to interrupt the process. In this regard when learners enter the school, they will go straight to one of the following venues to have their temperature scanned and be placed at a desk that will be theirs for the term. We will deal with registration issues on an individual basis as the day progresses to avoid groups and wasting of educational time.

1) Grade 12 Report to Hall where you will be divided between the Hall and the Rooms above the Hall. Enter School via pedestrian gate.
2) Grade 11 Report directly to H Block (Holy Spirit Centre) for placements and scanning. Enter School via pedestrian gate.
3) Grade 10 Report to Admin block via tuckshop area entrance for placement and scanning. Enter school via main gate.
4) Grade 9 report to B Block and you will be scanned and placed from the corridor. Grade 9 will follow a staggered timetable as per COVID regulations. Your timetables are online and in the above weekly plans.

5) Grade 8 ONLY REPORT ON TUESDAY. Grade 8 will follow a staggered timetable as per COVID regulations. Grade 8 learners will be helped as they enter the school to get to the right Venue. Your timetables are online and in the above weekly plans.

On the school website under the “About” option you will see campus maps – This is especially handy for new learners. (


We are very strict on our COVID-19 monitoring and need parents to support us in this regard. Especially after school learners tend to congregate while waiting for transport. We insist that they space themselves 1,5 m and can stand into the school yard to ensure safe distancing. Staff is on duty at all times so at breaks and intervals we will maintain safe practices among the learners.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back and having a good year despite COVID 19.

Kindest regards

Mr. MF Fouché

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