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Rolling with the (COVID) punches

Dear Parents and Learners

This circular comes hard on the heels of the one sent out on 8 February.  We are needing to alert you to the fact that one of our teachers has tested positive for Covid. In line with the protocols the school will be closed for 2 days/48 hours for sanitisation. 

Let us spell out clearly what this school closure means: 

  • For grades 9,10,11,12 in fact little changes.  Online classes and the weekly planning rosters continue as usual and if there is no notice to the contrary, we expect these grades to report to school in person on Monday 15 February for a normal school day as per their timetable. 
  • For grade 8 there will unfortunately no longer be orientation day 2 on Thursday 11 February. To set your minds at ease, the staff member was not at school yesterday and did not interact with any of the grade 8s at orientation day 1. Grade 8 will from now234 onwards receive the weekly planning roster along with all the other grades and are expected back at school in person on Tuesday 16 February for a normal school day as per their timetable. Please refer to our school website rated) for all subject related information. Once again circumstances beyond our control have affected us.  We urge you not to become anxious. Just do the best you can and raise your queries as soon as you have an opportunity.  Be assured that problems will be attended to as we go along. 
  • Therefore, it is clear that this measure applies mostly to staff and in the physical sense that they return to work at school only on Friday 12 February. In the meanwhile they continue to work online from home. 

 Let us continue to look after ourselves and those around us. Let us remember to take ourselves with all our joys and sorrows, regularly to the Lord in prayer. 

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