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Preparing for learners return.

Dear Parents and Learners 

As we approach 15 February, the delayed 2021 date for the opening of schools, it is a good time for us to communicate and check out where we are at.  We all acknowledge that these are difficult and uncertain times.  Plans are changed to best accommodate our changing realities on the ground. 

At Holy Cross we have made a start and have been able to walk a calm and steady path so far in 2021, staff and learners together. We returned on 18 January for staff meetings and started academic work straight away with our matrics, who have been online since then. The next week, 25 January, it was the turn of the grade 11s to come online.  A week later, the grade 9s and 10s came aboard online. 

This week (8 February), which we are calling week 3 at Holy Cross, grade 8s will attend their orientation physically present at school, whilst all the other classes continue online. Teachers report a good spirit amongst the learners and parents. We thank you for your co-operation and support.  What could be better, however, is our reach of the learners in our online classes. While some of you may be experiencing technical problems, all are encouraged to do their online attendances and activities.  The reality is that because matters are unpredictable, we have to utilise online activity to achieve eventual success. Let us remember that each one of us is working for the same aim. Each one of us desires every single one of our learners to pass, deservedly with genuine and honest achievement, on her own two feet, using the help and resources available to her right here. Her teachers are her number one resource. This, as we know, requires steady work and co-operation, lesson by lesson, day by day , week by week, and so on. 

With our staggered and steady approach, we are feeling confident that all should be well for our opening (now in every sense of the word), on Monday 15 February when grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 come physically to school and then follow their routine from that day forward. Grade 8, having had their orientation, come physically to school from Tuesday 16 February forward according to their routine. 

We have not changed our method of work since last year. So by now our returning learners and parents will be familiar with the planning roster that is sent out weekly. Learners must commit to helping themselves by carrying out the work given to them in these rosters. We find that a positive outcome of this method is that it encourages learners to take responsibility for their own work and to work more independently. 

We look forward to being in full swing from 15 February. Please remember to observe the covid-protocols. Keep safe. 

With all good wishes for 2021 

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