TUCK SHOP is Back !!!

The school will be operating a Tuck Shop on a limited basis. To ensure we conform to the requirements of the COVID-19 Pandemic all items will have to be ordered in advance. Any orders will have to be placed before 10:00 am. Payment can be made via the school fee payment window to Ms. Aufray. Please try to bring the correct change so that as little handling of cash takes place.

The menu is as follows:

Sandwiches (White or Brown bread) 
Cheese and salad                                                                                                         R23.00
Pastrami with mayo and salad                                                                                  R30.00
Smoked chicken and salad                                                                                         R30.00
Egg and mayo                                                                                                               R21.00
Tuna and mayo                                                                                                             R32.00
Toasted Sandwiches 
Cheese tomato and onion                                                                                          R25.00
Cheese and pressed beef                                                                                            R30.00
Egg and pressed beef                                                                                                   R30.00
Egg and mayo                                                                                                                R22.00
Masala braised steak                                                                                                   R40.00
Chicken and mayo                                                                                                        R40.00
Tuna and mayo                                                                                                             R33.00
CHIP RollR23.00
Hot dog (single with salad)                                                                                         R35.00
Hot dog (double with salad)                                                                                       R40.00
Russian (single with salad)                                                                                          R40.00
Boerewors Roll with fried Onions chipsR40.00
Vienna chips parcels 
3 Viennas with medium chips                                                                                    R45.00
7 Viennas with large chips                                                                                          R70.00
Russians with medium chips                                                                                   R50.00
Russians with large chips                                                                                         R70.00
Polony – full                                                                                                                  R65.00
Polony – half                                                                                                                 R40.00
Vienna – full                                                                                                                  R75.00
Vienna – half                                                                                                                 R50.00
2 MINCE JAFFLE (with chips and salad)                                                                    R45.00
Coke/Fanta (cans) R12.00
Coke Zero (bottle)  R10.00
Biscuits (Toppers minipack)   R6.50
Cheese Twirls  R5.00
Cheesenaks  R3.50
Sweet Chilli NikNaks  R2.00
Spicy Chicken Nik Naks   R2.00
Beef BBQ Nik Naks   R2.00
Lunch Bar (mini)  R5.00
Bar One (mini)  R5.00
Kit Kat (mini)   R5.00
PS Bar(mini)   R5.00
TEX Bar (mini)  R5.00
Pin pops   R3.00
Monsta pops   R3.00

2 thoughts on “TUCK SHOP is Back !!!

  • September 21, 2020 at 7:38 am

    Boerewors roll with fried onion chips (but can i pay with card?)

  • September 29, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    I really Love the new menu


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