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Lent 2020 Saturday 28 March

JOHN 7:40-53

For today I have chosen a video from Daily Catholic Liturgical Gospel Videos
It is titled “SATURDAY MORNING GOSPEL OF WEEK 4 OF LENT — The Law does not allow us to pass judgement on a man without hearing him —“

Today perhaps we can ask ourselves: when do we find ourselves in the shoes of the Pharisees? When do we judge and act like the Pharisees? Are there times when we also are critical of people who are different, who may have values or behaviors that we do not approve?
This Gospel invites us to pause and listen to the voices in our heads and in our hearts. We might be surprised by what we hear or find there. If we monitor our thoughts and judgments, we may realize how quickly and instinctively we jump to judgment of another person. Yet if we do notice that we are judging another, then we have the opportunity to change our minds and our hearts. We have a choice to hold onto the judgment or to release it. What will we choose to do?
Credit: Sr Kristine Anne Harpenau Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand

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