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Lent 2020 Monday 23 March

JOHN 4:43-54

Today again we rely on the Sacred Space as a resource. By now those who have been following the Lent posts will be somewhat familiar with the thought provoking questions they raise. The link can be found at:

  • This is a story about a deep crisis in the life of this parent! Crisis can be danger and opportunity. Faith is an invitation to go beyond what we can see, touch, measure. A leap into the dark/light.
  • Trust is based on past experiences, good and bad. Jesus has such a capacity to be present to each person he meets. May I have this gift too in daily life
  • Today we have this lovely story of a court official fearful of loosing his son.  He makes a journey of about 20 miles to meet Jesus, in whom he has faith to believe, that he could cure his son.  It is good to enter into the inner moments of this mans heart and to feel with and for him, in his love for his son and his faith in Jesus.  What a great joy it was for him on hearing of the health of his son.
  • Think of how your own conversations with Jesus proceed when you are asking for big and little miracles.  He not only wishes to help you , but he loves to have a chat with you about life – His own life and yours.
  • Cana in Galilee is renowned for two miracles – extraordinary evens that happened there and forever recalled. The first one, the changing of water into wine, is perhaps the most noted. The second one deals with a father who is troubled, because his son is about to die. It is, as many know, a heart-breaking situation.
  • The officer here looked on Jesus as someone special, and pleaded with him to come to his home, before the son died. It is interesting that he saw no survival after death. Still the son was alive, and so there was hope. Now we know that our trust in God must stretch beyond death.
  • By the wonderful power of Jesus, the son recovered. These divine words ‘Your son will live’ carried the might of God.

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