Lent 2020 Sunday 15 March

JOHN 4:5-42

The source of the reflections and questions that follow is:

Reflection on the Text
What picture of the woman’s personality do you get from this story?

What is it about Jesus that most impresses the woman? Why does it
have such an impact

Why does the woman leave her water jar (4:28)?
What exactly does Jesus want his disciples to see in v.35? Consider

What parallels can you find between Jesus’ conversation with the
woman (4:7-26) and his conversation with the disciples (4:31-38)?

For Personal Reflection and Application
Has a seemingly chance meeting ever played a part in your coming to
know God more deeply?

Have you ever misunderstood when God tried to communicate with
you, as the woman initially was unaware that God was breaking in on
her ordinary day-to-day routine?

What obstacles do you allow to prevent you from communicating
God’s word to the people around you?

How much room do your earthly goals and dreams leave for the life in
the Spirit that God wishes to give you? How could you make a little
more space?

How do you generally react when you hear about how God has acted in
someone else’s life? Does it build your faith, as it did for the Samaritan
woman’s neighbours? Does it stir up envy? What obstacles might stand
in the way of your rejoicing at others’ spiritual blessings?

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