Afrikaans Taal Kompetisie

   GRAAD 12

A3rd  August 2019 – Kensington High

Holy Cross High school went for an Afrikaans Language Competition, on 03rd  August 2019, held at Kensington High school, for the first time. It was quite an experience for the girls because the questions that were asked were totally different from what they had expected. Despite the difficulty of the question paper, they managed to obtain good marks. Kelly Abrahams, one of  the participants, scored 80% which was outstanding. However, she did come in fourth to one of the participants who obtained a better mark than her, only by 1%. Therefore, resulting in us losing the competition, we plan on going to the competition next year now that we are aware of the mistakes that we’ve made and hope to achieve a better ranking.

The teachers are also recognised

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