Grade 10 Excursion – Cape Town International Airport and Hotel Verde (22July 2019)

Grade 10 Excursion – Cape Town International Airport and Hotel Verde  (22July 2019)

Learners were very co-operative in paying for this trip within a week of the trip`s announcement they had all paid their R100 except one leaner who never made it. This was an indication of the enthusiasm of this particular group.

The long waited day eventually arrived and we hit the road at 08.30 on 22July 2019. We visited at the airport as though we were travellers because the Airport is still not open to schools due to water restrictions. The two teachers on the trip distributed the girls and took them around the airrport in small groups. They had a chance of asking questions and take photos with crew members we came across. It was the first tie for some learners to see the taking-off and landing of planes.  It was an eye opener for them to realise how wide the Tourism Industry is. They engaged with many people and many past pupils of Holy Cross around the airport and at the hotel.

Hotel Verde. This was a guided tour. The learners were able to engage with the content knowledge at the hotel because it enhanced their taught information. The guide was impressed by how aware they were about the terminology of accommodation: such as grading systems and going green. Hotel Verde is the greenest hotel in Africa and they were awarded the honour ship of a six-star hotel by America. It was coincidentally that most of these girls are the Geography learners who are in the Environmental Club so the information served for two purposes.

The Hotel visit enabled the learners in seeing and feeling the texture of objects on the tour. They were thrilled about the in-room technology. The trip ended with a short trail around the hotel and it has an open gym which enthused the learners. Learners completed their worksheets and shortly the driver arrived then we came back to school. Leaners were energised by this trip and are looking forward to other trips. It was striking that even those who are rather quiet were conversing during the trip.

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