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Gratitude Journalling

Based on the assembly on 30 July, you can find links here to the practice of keeping a gratitude journal. The links you can try are:
https://blog.mindvalley.com/gratitude-journal/    or also

These links are just two suggestions.

You may of course look for others. The important aspect of the assembly was that gratitude, a very Christian notion, can have amazing consequences when it comes to improving your life. The benefits are many.

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6 comments on “Gratitude Journalling

Mr Mutandwa

Thank you Mr Fouche for the gratitude Journaling ingredients herein. The girls will find this informative, nurturing and above all strengthen their spirituality.

Charne Classen

Just yesterday after assisting a learner from another school. I was immediately so grateful again for being a teacher at Holy Cross High. What a pleasure and a privilege it is to be part of this family-staff.

Ms. Classen

Sr. Flora

I have done a follow up on the gratitude journalling in my Religious Education lessons and a few girls have taken this message to heart. Well appreciated message thank you Mr. Fouche.

Zukhanye Mack

The assembly on gratitude journalling was interesting and i took it to heart. i however started gratitude journalling last term already when uncle Darryl from Scripture Union visited our school and told us about writing a journal and writing 10 things he was grateful for in just one day. The results that i have experienced so far from writing a journal are nothing short than what Mr Fouche talked about. I get excited every night to write about the great things that happened in my day and i would recommend gratitude journalling to anyone.

Victoria mbaya

I enjoyed writing it every night and it showed me to be greatful for everything I already have and thank you

Victoria mbaya

It been helpful writing in my journal .It showed how to appreciate life even more and must be grateful for the things I already have.


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