Values in education a week of reflection.


Cornerstone workshop for Grade 8 and 9’s (Focusing on the value of honesty and integrity)
Workshop for Grade 10’s and 11’s – By: Darryl Henning and Scripture Union Team – Focusing on Value based Education. Leaving High school with an education as well as a sound tool box of values)

(9.00 – 12.00)


IPYG – International Peace Youth Group to present Value Integrated programme:

Addressing the entire school in the Hall and around…

* A performance (acting)
* Marimba’s
*Origami – making peace doves with messages of peace and hope and positivity.
* Topics: The role of the school in the community
* being messengers of PEACE and positively representing Holy Cross outside the school.


Movie and popcorn in the hall. Dove making with a message learnt from the movie on why we need PEACE in South Africa and the entire world.


Footage Day:

Learners will be asked to create posters and write an essay, poem, verse etc. on value questions. LITTLE CARDS – CHOOSE ONE
1.        I have a STORY to tell of how my family/mom/granny … is a beautiful example of HOPE.

2.        This is a POEM of my life of HOPE and ________________.

* learners and (staff please wear yellow) would be interviewed and recorded and finally a song would be sung in the hall: “Heal the World” with PEACE DOVES….
*Mr Cecil Peters
* A mini PEACE WALK around the block…


Morning brief by HWPL introducing learners to  next terms value i.e. PERSEVERANCE!  Short 20 minute TED TALK by an HWPL personality

6 comments on “Values in education a week of reflection.

Juliana Kanda

This week has been very inspirational, i couldn’t have asked for a better week. I learnt that peace is possible and together we can make it work if we learn to tolerate each other.


Thank you Juliana

Zukhanye Mack

The week of the 18th to the 22nd started on a high note for my school. It was a fantastic week filled with love and peace spreading. I interacted with so many people and i saw that peace is possible if people just put their differences aside and just agree to work together. After this week i learnt that peace is a way of living in harmony,uniting and getting rid of hatred and unnecessary war. From now on i will continue to promote peace and live in peace.

Mr Mutandwa

A profound thought Zukhanye. Thank you..and spread the message of peace to all in your surroundings.


Thank you Zukhanye

Mr Mutandwa

A profound thought Zukhanye. Thank you..and spread the message of peace to all in your surroundings.


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