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Values in education a week of reflection.


Cornerstone workshop for Grade 8 and 9’s (Focusing on the value of honesty and integrity)
Workshop for Grade 10’s and 11’s – By: Darryl Henning and Scripture Union Team – Focusing on Value based Education. Leaving High school with an education as well as a sound tool box of values)

(9.00 – 12.00)


IPYG – International Peace Youth Group to present Value Integrated programme:

Addressing the entire school in the Hall and around…

* A performance (acting)
* Marimba’s
*Origami – making peace doves with messages of peace and hope and positivity.
* Topics: The role of the school in the community
* being messengers of PEACE and positively representing Holy Cross outside the school.


Movie and popcorn in the hall. Dove making with a message learnt from the movie on why we need PEACE in South Africa and the entire world.


Footage Day:

Learners will be asked to create posters and write an essay, poem, verse etc. on value questions. LITTLE CARDS – CHOOSE ONE
1.        I have a STORY to tell of how my family/mom/granny … is a beautiful example of HOPE.

2.        This is a POEM of my life of HOPE and ________________.

* learners and (staff please wear yellow) would be interviewed and recorded and finally a song would be sung in the hall: “Heal the World” with PEACE DOVES….
*Mr Cecil Peters
* A mini PEACE WALK around the block…


Morning brief by HWPL introducing learners to  next terms value i.e. PERSEVERANCE!  Short 20 minute TED TALK by an HWPL personality

6 thoughts on “Values in education a week of reflection.

  • Juliana Kanda

    This week has been very inspirational, i couldn’t have asked for a better week. I learnt that peace is possible and together we can make it work if we learn to tolerate each other.

  • Zukhanye Mack

    The week of the 18th to the 22nd started on a high note for my school. It was a fantastic week filled with love and peace spreading. I interacted with so many people and i saw that peace is possible if people just put their differences aside and just agree to work together. After this week i learnt that peace is a way of living in harmony,uniting and getting rid of hatred and unnecessary war. From now on i will continue to promote peace and live in peace.

    • Mr Mutandwa

      A profound thought Zukhanye. Thank you..and spread the message of peace to all in your surroundings.

  • Mr Mutandwa

    A profound thought Zukhanye. Thank you..and spread the message of peace to all in your surroundings.


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