Courses & Resources

Books & Stationary requirements

School Resources

Maths AXIZ  with Mr Mutandwa


Natural/Physical Science with Mr Fouché

Technology with Mr Fouché


Assemblies grade 9 mini pat – Storyline output/story.html – Storyline output/story.html

Educational websites

National Education Portal
    Great resources for both learners and teachers.

Grade 7-9 Workbooks
Maths Science Technology SA curriculum free workbooks excellent resource.

Siyavula Education-Open Textbooks 
Superb for mainly Maths and Sciences (grade 4 – 12)

Khan Academy
Super videos to explain concepts and a wide variety of subjects

Science simulations
Great tools for educators & learners  HTML 5 options even works on cell phones


Online learning experiences

Learning to code with SCRATCH coding with dragging components of code

Learning to code with CRUNCHZILLA this is more “code” orientated.

Learning to make Cell phone apps with APPINVENTOR